“Firedoor, where I would try to eat once a week if I lived in Sydney… From this primal scene emerged cooking of almost incredible finesse. Nothing I ate at Firedoor was charred, and while smoke was a constant presence, what I noticed above all was how precisely the cooks controlled the fire’s temperature…”
Peter Wells, The New York Times.

Firedoor: Special and unmissable”
Nicholas Lander, London Financial Times

“There is no other restaurant like Firedoor in Australia. Perhaps the world. Its difference lies in chef Lennox Hastie.”

“In a culinary world of smoke and mirrors, where chefs copy each other blind, there is a delicious honesty to Lennox Hastie’s food approach. Firedoor is raw, energetic, visceral.”
John Lethlean, The Australian

“It is beef’s highest calling. It is the finest grilled meat I have ever eaten and, I suspect, will ever eat again.”
Rob Broadfield, West Australian

“Lennox Hastie, Firedoor’s super chef will not only show you how it’s done but his food is simply amazing and I find it astounding just how ‘soft a touch’ he has with delicate ingredients. This man can cook! So why don’t you try Firedoor if you haven’t as yet and enjoy a different experience and one you’re not likely to forget, ever. Every single dish was world-standard fare and you have to indeed search the world to find a better restaurant. Should this place be in the Top 50 Restaurant list? Absolutely!”
Franz Scheurer, Gourmet Pages

“So don’t just come here because it’s “Sydney’s hottest restaurant”. Come for the opposite reason, because you value the enduring slow burn of subtlety and skill over the leaping flames of fashion and hype.”
Terry Durack

“We’re fortunate to make the acquaintance of a chef who not only refuses to compromise, but takes pleasure in doing so. Let’s hear it for Firedoor. Doing things the hard way never tasted so good.
Pat Nourse, Australian Gourmet Traveller